Overview of 2SDS

2SDS (Secondary data Synchronous Distribution System) provided by Fujiyama is a system that enables consolidation of subtitles from creation to delivery to PCs, cell phones, and screens at shops.

When delivering movies, the system that synchronizes the secondary information (multilingual subtitles, voiceover, sign language images, and banner advertising) is called 2SDS. By using the MABL subtitle audiovisual viewer, NATSU subtitle creation software, and our own business network, we provide you with convenient multilingual information.

Advantage of Adoption

  • Make subtitle distribution easy
  • Users can choose their language
  • Can be sent to PC, Tablet PC, Smart phone, Digital signage, etc.

MABL subtitle audiovisual viewer

The MABL audiovisual viewer displays movies and subtitles in a browser window by synchronizing them with time codes. You can view them in a normal browser window.

NATSU subtitle support software

NATSU is software that works with servers. Subtitles created using NATSU will be directly stored on a server, enabling you to manage everything from final verification to delivery of the subtitles.

Multilingualization Services

We will help you localize movie content, including all steps from translation to delivery.


Subtitles for movie delivery

Request multilingual movies to be shown all over the world via the Internet. Quick process for movie broadcasting in many different languages.


To translators and translation companies

NATSU is a very convenient networking system that is easy to operate for both submitting and delivering material.


As an educational tool for translation s...

Recommend NATSU for learning about translation and foreign languages. Own password issuing system allows use in schools as educational material.