To translators and translation companies

Demand for the translation of movies is clearly increasing, along with the rapid spread of broadband connections. Fujiyama is recruiting translators or translation companies that are able to use NATSU on a steady basis. Also, please feel free to ask for 2SDS ASP use.

Regarding ASP usage of 2SDS

We recommend 2SDS ASP use for content providers who are engaged in everything from translation to delivery.

Information regarding recruitment of translators and translation companies

NATSU is subtitle creation software developed for movies delivered through the Internet, such as for PCs, cell-phones, and so on. We issue an ID and password for translators and translation companies for each project. (We do not charge any usage cost for software) Fujiyama is focusing on building up a network of translators and translation companies that are able to use NATSU. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in NATSU.

Advantages of Adoption

  1. No need to edit in order to add subtitles to movies (saving operation hours and cost).
  2. Delivery is possible immediately after translation (for content focused on speed, e.g., news delivery, etc.).
  3. It is possible to save server space, because only one movie file is necessary, regardless of the number of subtitle languages.
  4. It is possible to deliver sponsor banners for each language, because movies and subtitles are delivered as separate data.
  5. Delivery by cell-phone is also possible.
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