As an educational tool for translation schools

Educational tool for next generation film translation

Along with movie distribution on the Internet, the demand for film translation will increase in the future, and you can use Fujiyama’s 2SDS as a revolutionary educational tool. When using this tool, we provide you with IDs and passwords for each student, and you can translate videos using the NATSU subtitle software. You can give lectures, comparing each translation while simultaneously reviewing the video and subtitles by using the MABL subtitle audiovisual viewer.

[1] Flow of issuing ID to log in

  1. Inform Fujiyama of the number of NATSU users and their names
  2. Fujiyama issues their ID and passwords
  3. An instructor of a translation school informs students of their ID and passwords
  4. The students log in to NATSU

[2] Registration of assignments

[3] Checking assignments

[4] Presentation of assignments

Giving presentations of subtitles created by students for a video. You can give lectures, comparing students’ subtitles to model subtitles.

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