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Case Example

Animation / Entertainment

Opportunities for attracting sponsors can be expanded by using MABL Ad-linking (International Business Model Patent Application) because it can display different advertisements for different languages, in which each subtitle has a different sponsor. A user-request function will be provided to avoid the risk of multilingualization costs.

Attracting tourism from overseas

As the Japanese government will newly establish a tourism department in June 2008, it is expected that the attraction of tourism from overseas will become even more active.2SDS (Secondary data Synchronous Distribution System) is an effective system for distributing information about Japan using the Internet.

Investor relations/Conference

In recent years, the number of foreign investors has continued to increase. Slide linked MABL makes it easy to distribute videos of CEO comments and information regarding investor relations along with presentation materials with multilingual subtitles to appeal to investors around the world. Videos and materials in a presentation can be reused as well. Complicated and detailed data can also be changed into user-friendly data and distributed via Internet.

Information distribution for foreign residents in Japan

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the number of foreign residents in Japan is approximately 2 million as of 2006. The amount of information distributed by government and public institutions has increased, as have announcements during disasters and multilingual portal sites targeting foreign residents in Japan.

In-house Intranet

If you can distribute streaming content of your services and operation manuals in multiple languages, it will help develop systematic service when your business goes global. This can also save you the costs of staff education by reducing the production of paper-based manuals.


It is possible to boost listening comprehension, reading comprehension, and conversational skills for language studies. You can browse images and subtitles at the same time to compare each translation and learn the language by hearing the words being spoken.