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As specialists in localization and multilingual support for digital content, FUJIYAMA has been actively engaged in the business of developing proprietary systems and providing bespoke linguistic services since our founding in the year 2000.

More recently, dramatic advancements in IT and AI technology are bringing enormous changes to the world of content creation and distribution while taking the fundamental relationship between humans and technology in a whole new direction.

At the same time, however, language barriers are still seen as a major obstacle to communication and the open exchange of information. At FUJIYAMA, we aim to provide technologies and services that eliminate language barriers so that information can reach as many people as possible in a format that they can understand. And so, we are constantly striving to find and create ways of making this ideal a reality.

Meanwhile, advancements in technologies and services driven by IT and AI are also a driving force behind the constant evolution of how multilingual content is created and distributed, making video content and multilingual support more important than ever before, regardless of whether the intended audience is here in Japan or all over the world. It is our sincere hope that our technology will become everyone’s technology while serving to promote greater understanding and acceptance across all races and cultures. Nothing would make us happier than to be able to play even a small role in this process.

Junko Yoshii, CEO
Fujiyama, Co., Ltd.

Name of Company
Fujiyama Co., Ltd.
Establishment Date
April 2000
95 million yen
Junko Yoshii
Major Shareholders
BANDAI NAMCO Holdings Inc.
#818 #1002, 1-2 Nibancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
102-0084, JAPAN
Tel +81-3-5213-4970 Fax +81-3-5213-4971
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  • Synchronized distribution system service of secondary information of streaming contents (subtitles, narration, sign language, etc.) for broadband.
  • Subtitle translation for streaming contents and creation of subtitles and sound-dubbing data for DVDs.
  • Streaming contents-related production in general including digital material.
  • Web-site creation.
  • Advertisement-related business in general, Internet distribution service.
  • Translation/Interpretation, Dispatch of interpreters.
  • Management of Intellectual Property.
We will help you localize movie content, including all steps from translation to delivery.