About Us


The world has rapidly changed through the development of the symbol of modern technology, the Internet. The information we now have about our world is dramatically increasing, and the way that we receive and send information as well as the distribution revolution has had great impact on people and society. The UN is concerned about how to rescue “information have-nots”-information must be distributed to increase our understanding. It is expected that many difficulties will be faced in solving this problem, but it is a very important issue that must be resolved.

Language barriers have been obstructive factors for information flow for a long time. Our objective is to break the language barrier and provide technology that can deliver information to as many as people as possible in a way in which they can absorb it smoothly. While broadband content and the importance of multilingual information continues to increase both in and out of Japan, we hope that our technology can be appreciated by many people to promote tolerance and understanding among a variety of races and cultures–there is nothing more satisfying than us being able to be a part of this.

Junko Yoshii, CEO